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About The Photographer:

Shana is an experienced and passionate photographer who has 10 years in the field. her focus is on creating strong, unique and eye-catching imagery for artists and creatives. Whether it be content for an individual, a brand or a company, she loves the collaborative process and delivering beautiful photos for web and for print.

Her focus on fine art, surrealist photography and self portraits has lead to many wonderful opportunities and achievements with a career highlight of being published in the Semi Permanent Design Conference art book for four years in a row.

Shana's  photography has a creative flair to it that can bring your vision to life! So please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry below about how Shana can help your brand.


Stolen Publications Vol 5  2016

Semi-Permanent Design Book 2016

Semi-Permanent Design Book 2015

Semi-Permanent Design Book 2014

Semi-Permanent Design Book 2013

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